Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, I’m recycling—old blog postings, that is.

I’ve collected some links to some of my blog postings showing projects from recycled (upcycled? whatever we’re calling it today) materials. Since I’m a terrible packrat, I have quite a few.

Have fun, and go recycle something!

Save those leftover threads and fabric snippets, and make a thread bowl.

Don’t throw away that ugly fabric! If you paint, dye, color, or stamp on it enough, you’ll never know it was once ugly. Even cutting it up into small pieces can make it not-so-ugly!

Make some earth-strata Earth Day ATCs.

Save your paper towels and make pretty paper! Then, use the paper to make a journal cover.

Use fabric scraps to make awesome new fabric.

Tear your scraps into strips and use them to crochet a fabric bag.

Cut squares out of old blue jeans and make a rag quilt.

Piece little squares of leftover fabric together and make a patchwork book cover.


Cathy Mendola said...

Thanks for all the creative ideas!
I will definitely have to try some.
Happy Earth Day!

Leslie said...

Great ideas. I gave a tree a knitted cozy in honour of this day. You can see that on my blog.