Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Earth Day ATCs

I’ve signed up for the Earth Day ATC swap through a Yahoo list I’m on, and even though the ATCs aren’t due until the end of this month, I wanted to get them finished and mailed off.


  • I started these by fusing scraps of the transformed ugly fabric (see the last post) to a black background.
  • I sprinkled this with Bo-Nash powder, heated it, and rubbed a blue-green foil onto it.
  • I laid an interesting piece of sheer fabric over that (that’s the blue, green, and purple fabric you see); it’s more sheer in some places than in others. I have no idea what it is, since I got it from the clearance bin at Jo Ann’s. Then I stitched it down with black cotton thread.
  • I burned away the sheer part of the fabric with a wood-burning tool.
  • I stitched painted Tyvek over the fabric and a layer of batting, then ironed it (with a piece of parchment paper on top, of course) until the Tyvek shriveled and melted.
  • I sewed beads and broken shells on.
  • I added hand-dyed fabric to the back and free-motion satin-stitched around the edge (I wanted a little “rougher” feel to the satin stitching to match the card, which is why I dropped the feed dogs. I actually liked this better than satin-stitching with the feed dogs up!).

Here are close-ups of each of the cards:

earth_day_indiv1 earth_day_indiv2

earth_day_indiv3 earth_day_indiv4

I think these ATCs are particularly appropriate for "Earth Day," since they remind me of Earth's strata (and the beads represent the gems and minerals found in the various layers).

As usual, my sweetie claimed one, and the other three will go to the swap (I need to remember to always make TWO extra now: one for her, one for me!).


Fannie said...

hi, tt. all wonderful ATCs. you're off to a wonderful start! thanks for sharing your process. and, yes, you need to make two of each--;-D

Mandi said...

Hi! Are you really in Round Rock? I'm in Austin....are you a member of the Austin FIber Artist group?? Your ATCs are really pretty. Glad you posted on QA about your blog so I could find you!

Judy Alexander said...

Oh....I have sooo much ugly what was I thinking fabric to use up!!!! These are great!