Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where Do I Put My Books Now?

I was able to finish sewing the binding on my screen-printed table runner while in the hospital (is it strange that I love hand-sewing the binding?), but then I needed to block it because it was so wavy.

It’s been a while since I blocked anything, but I didn’t bother to look up the directions, I just went ahead with it. Then I let it dry (and forgot about it) for 3 days.

I’m thinking I stretched it a little too tightly, because you can see where all the t-pins were. Plus, blocking it seems to have stretched out some of that lovely quilty puffiness that I like so much for pieces like this. Maybe I’ll rewash and dry it, and see if it straightens out.

It’s difficult to get good pics of a piece this long and narrow, but I’ve tried to capture most of it:


All the fabric in this piece is either screen printed or hand-dyed (LWI and shibori) by me. I created the pattern to piece it, which may seem like a minor accomplishment, but which actually took quite a while! Anyway, all that is to say I’m proud of it, pleased with it, and more than a little fond of it.


Of course, now that I have a lovely table runner, I had to clean off the breakfast room table. That means actually reshelving all those books I carry outside to the back patio to read on my breaks.


norma said...

Very pretty! Did you make the flowers using a resist? I love the vibrant colors.

Tina Marie Rey said...

Very bold and vibrant! I love it.
Great job!

Antonija said...

Oooh that is really cool. Love the colors. Oh--and it's not too weird to enjoy binding--I do as well. I love the handwork--its relaxing. And when you're done...you're done!

TextileTraveler said...

Thanks to everyone!

Norma, I screenprinted the flowers using an Elmer's gel resist. That was a blast!

peggy gatto said...

Your pictures were good enough for me to see the lovely flowers and the intense luscious colors! I love color!!!! You are very talented!!!!
thanks for coming by my place!

Fannie said...

very nice, tt. where are you going to put your books? ;-D

linda stokes said...

Lovely colourful table runner, no wonder you're happy with it!

Ryan said...
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