Sunday, February 8, 2009

Paper Trails

For some reason, I've been working a lot with paper. Maybe it's because I took Terry Stegmiller's Paper Quilting class and made lots of fabric paper; or maybe it's because I love scrapbooking paper but not scrapbooking, so I have tons of it; or it could be because paper seems less risky to me than fabric--quicker, easier, less commitment. Or maybe all of the above. Anyway, I made postcards today for a swap and went the paper route.

And, while I was cleaning my sewing table off, I found a couple of completed projects that I forget to show you, so here they are. The first one is a paper journal: the cover is made with painted & stamped paper towels fused onto stiff interfacing, then free-motion stitched. The paper inside the journal is acrylic-painted and stamped. The binding is simply tied fibers.

The other project is a paper vase; squares of paper fused to stiff interfacing, then stitched. I was making real progress on using up some of my paper supply, but I went to Michael's yesterday and there was this BEAUTIFUL paper on sale and . . . well, you probably know the rest of the story.


Kimberly Johnson said...

These pieces are beautiful. Is it paper or fabric?

Michele said...

Thank you, Kimberly. The inside lining of the journal and the vase are fabric, but all the exteriors are paper! Amazing what you can do with it, isn't it?

Alis said...

I can not resist paper and fabric so I can guess the end of your story.

Terri's class is great isn't it.

I love your work, the postcards are wonderful but my favourite is your journal ~- yummy!

Kathleen said...

Stunning work!