Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekly Journal Square #49, and a Revision

My year of journal squares is almost up, and I'm getting excited about sewing all those little squares together into my "48th Year" quilt.

Here is last week's 6x6" journal square; it serves double-duty for my Fast Friday Fabric Challenge piece:


I started with a photo of a bird I painted on fabric a while back; I printed this onto fabric, cut it into wavy strips, and wove it together with an orangey/peach-colored hand-dyed fabric. I added white & orange to various peach squares, then recolored the bird with fabric markers and thread-painting.

I also "edited" my last Fast Friday Fabric Challenge piece. Here was the original piece:

It just felt unfinished to me, so I added some FM quilting to the background, and added a white napkin. Here is the revised piece:

That's better, don'tcha think?