Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ruby Slippers . . .

as in, where are they when you need them most? I was seriously wishing for a pair by yesterday so that I could click my heels and whisk myself home, since that was my 6th day in the hospital. The doctor finally agreed to let me go home, though, so my neon-yellow hospital socks must have had some effect.

We met my daughter for a quick Easter lunch at Luby's, and then it was back to bed. I'm trying to move around a little every hour or so since it's good to be up and walking, but the pain has consistently outpaced the pain meds.

The good news is that I've been working on embroidering the extra squares for my year-long journal quilt, and I'm hand-quilting a piece of hand-dyed & painted fabric that's starting to look pretty interesting (or is it that they look interesting through the pain-killer goggles?).

Anyway, surgery went well and I'm declaring a long period of wellness for the next few years!