Thursday, February 14, 2008

LOST in TVLand

First, Happy Valentine's Day!

Second, it was bound to happen. After months of the writer's strike and no new episodes of our favorite shows on television, we went crazy. Literally. Someone mentioned that you could watch episodes of ABC shows on their website. I wandered into the den last weekend and my lovely partner had her laptop open to "Lost," a show we never watched, despite all the media hype. I watched the first episode and was intrigued, but was tired of straining my neck to see her laptop screen. We called my son, the electronics genius, and he told us how to hook the laptop up to the television. We spent the rest of the weekend engrossed in the show, watching one episode after another, and made it through the entire first season. We're now on Season 2.

All of which explains why I haven't accomplished much over the past week, with the exception of in-front-of-the-tv projects. Why else would I crochet an entire bag from scrap fabric???

What else could explain the masochistic desire to teach myself how to hand-quilt???
Of course, I am a responsible adult and I can't sit around watching television all night every night. So I did take some time to hand dye some red gradiations (you thought I was going to say I finally did the dishes, didn't you? HA!). My fabric dyeing class is over, so I wanted to wrap up the final exercise. And, I had homework for the fabric painting class, so of course I had to take a break and become un-Lost long enough to do that.

No more time for chatting--Season 2, Episode 4 awaits.

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