Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Seven Moons

This is a small wall quilt I created using one of the "bleeding-tissue" fabrics I created a while back.

I machine-quilted the piece, then fused the "moon" pieces on and embellished the edges of them with beads.

The piece isn't really crooked by the way, it's just the camera angle.

Winter Break

Well, I've finally finished with all my classes, which is a good thing since work is crazy again (still?). I wasn't particularly happy with any of the pieces from the Elements class from Quilt U, but I learned how to use a lot of those crazy supplies I've been collecting: angelina fibers & tintzl, foils, puff paint (I love it!) etc., and it was fun.

Here are the finished pieces (I say finished, but not really--none of the pieces are actually quilted, with one exception).

"Water" was the first piece; I thought I would lose my mind creating this piece.

"Fire" was the 2nd, and "Air" (or clouds, in this case) was the 3rd. I'm not happy with the air piece either.

The 4th piece should have been "Earth," but I hated it so much I cut the entire bottom section off and saved only the top. I'm going to use it to make a little journal. This is the only piece I had actually quilted. You can't see the amazing tree trunk that was made with puff paint, since it's in the bottom, discarded section, but believe me, puff paint makes great tree trunks.

Not only were these pieces hard to create, they are hard to photograph because of all the "shininess" in them.

More in a future post about the other class I've been taking (and the unsuccessful projects from it), wet felting.