Friday, February 6, 2009

Sometimes I just annoy myself to no end. I go back to try and figure out how I made something, and I think, "why in the world didn't you write it down???" So then, of course, I recreate the wheel, but it's never quite the same. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

I've been beading this sampler for my QU beading class. I picked the fabric because it was a light color, and I thought the beads would show up nicely against it. Now, I'm finding I hate the fabric. I think I'm going to try painting it around the beads. Either that or rip the beading out; it's pretty wobbly and bobbly anyway! I'm trying to cut myself some slack, though, since I am just learning and hope to get better with practice.


Fannie said...

Hi, Michele! Did you climb inside my head? I think many of us have gone through what you described. The trouble with me is that I just pick up that kleenex box nearby and write my notes on the bottom, then the box gets thrown away . . . hah! And I do it over and over again. Now this is a bad thing.

Your situation is different, I think. Painting around the beads seems like a good idea. You may like what results.

Many of my disappointments have turned into my joys. The process of turning a piece into something I like brings changes and gifts. I look forward to seeing this piece evolve.

Thanks for sharing.

Judy said...

I'm constantly doing what you've just described.......not writing things down and then never achieving the same result twice. LOL I thought it was just my age, but you are proving that wrong!
I love your beaded piece. The wobbly/bobblyness that you describe adds interest to your piece. Don't rip it out. What if you just wet the fabric (after you finish beading it) and maybe do a bit of sunprinting on it? Just a thought.
Enjoy this lovely day!


Alis said...

There you go! We all fly the seat of our pants ;0)

I don't write things down either, that is why I'm pleased I found blogging. Now I blog as soon as I can about a piece and that is my note taking done - LOL

Yes I think painting round the beads would be a good idea and save you lots of work.