Monday, February 9, 2009

Something Old, Something New

Here is an ATC I made to exchange with Terri Stegmiller (Stegart). I had some really UGLY fabric I had painted a while back, so I covered it with Angelina & sheer fabric, all fused together with Mistyfuse, which was cool because then I couldn't see the ugly fabric anymore (I've noticed that if I have something I don't like, I can usually keep adding stuff to it until it looks good!)

I stitched the paper heart on, then hand-stitched some tiny seed beads. The first pic shows the seed beads better, the 2nd one the color.

I made 2 of these and had an extra to trade, but my DP immediately claimed the other one and seemed a little miffed that I hadn't thought to offer it to her.

I haven't made an ATC in forever, so I went looking for some I made a long time ago. I might as well post those here as well (the first one some of you may recognize as my icon on various sites):

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StegArt said...

Lots of great ATCs Michele! I look forward to holding yours in my hands!