Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Lot of Play & A Little Work

We spent Valentine's Day in Fredericksburg, a quaint little town with wonderful little shops about an hour and a half away. Of course, I forgot the camera; we did stop and buy a disposable, but now I have to get the film developed. What in the world did we do before digital cameras???

Anyway, once there we bought the grandbabies cute things, bought ourselves some taffy and fudge, and bought me some inks and pretty papers. We had a wonderful late lunch at Bejas Grill then headed home, and I napped all the way backed; it has literally been over 9 months since I've walked that far. I had a great day, but of course I didn't have time (or energy!) to work on anything.

Today I drew boxes according to the QU Viewpoints class lesson, then I decided to translate the drawing into a paper quilt. I wanted to see what the problems might be before committing to a fabric quilt. I used two colors of paper for the sides of the box, but I think I should have had more separation in either the color or the value. I traced my drawing onto SaS2, cut out my pattern pieces and used those to cut out scrapbooking paper, then fused the scrapbooking paper onto felt. Then I fused that piece onto a background of fabric paper and stitched the piece.

This was quick and easy and a lot of fun, so I think I'll follow it up with a small fabric version.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether you have a sweetie or not--you can always use it as an excuse to spoil yourself a little :-) I'm off to take a nap, since I still haven't quite recovered from yesterday's excursion!


Judy Alexander said...

I took the Visions class a couple of years ago and somehow was too busy to get much done. It was fun. Will have to revisit the lessons.

Sojourner Design said...

Hi Michele,

I like that piece; looks like it involved some detailed fitting!

Did you use black stamping ink on the edges the way Terri taught us to? I'm wondering if the colors that are so close in hue and intensity would have satisfied you more if the black wasn't there. I like monochromatic theres.

What is SaS2? Can you tell I'm not really a quilter?


Michele said...

Judy, this is the Viewpoints class; is that the same as Visions? It's very interesting and I'm happy to learn about perspective finally!

Diane, I didn't use the ink around the edges of the piece, but I fused them to a background of black felt. It was hard to get all the pieces even, so I had some thick black lines where the felt showed through, and other lines that barely showed any black at all. I cheated and used a fat sharpie to draw the black lines all the same width :-)

SaS2 is Steam-a-seam 2. It's a fusible web, and I usually use it rather than Mistyfuse just because it's easier to work with--it comes with a backing sheet, unlike Mistyfuse, which "floats" around on me until I want to rip it up or rip my hair out or . . . anyway, I bought a huge roll of SaS2 a while back with a 1/2 off Joann's coupon, so I have TONS of it!

BarelyKnitTogether said...

Another beautiful piece, here. I lived in Fredericksburg for a while and really loved it. I think my hometown could eventually be as good, but we move so slow here :)