Friday, February 13, 2009

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Ha ha! Just kidding, but I couldn't resist after the title of my last post.

I DO have something (sort of) blue for you today, but nothing is borrowed. Instead, it was WON! I won a prize!

Terri Stegmiller, instructor of Paper Quilting Explorations , had a drawing the last week of class, and I won a little piece of her art. It's really something to see and feel in person (I try not to drool on it). She calls this a "quiltie"--it's larger than a postcard but smaller than most journal or art quilts. Thanks again, Terri; I'm honored to have it!

Now for the blue (and green, and purple: my favorite color combination): here is a piece I'm working on for another class, Lines and Shapes at QU (I know, I know. If I were getting college credit for these classes, I would have my Masters degree by now).

Anyway, this makes yet another WIP, since I've reached the point where I'm afraid to "mess it up." You know how that goes; you start out all confident and intuitive and creative and you're putting something together and it's great and then you step back to take a deep breath--and suddenly you're afraid to do anything else, because you might ruin it.

The class has helped with that some; Lily Kerns encourages us to think in terms of a series--"what would happen if you changed this, moved that, etc.?" so at least I can tell myself that if I mess it up, I'll have learned something for the next piece in the series.

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