Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weekly Journal Squares

Life is ok. I’m a little stressed with starting work again, but so far things are slow and I’m spending my time getting caught up on what’s happened during the last year and a half.

At home, I’m catching up on my weekly 6x6” journal squares. The first two were in process and just needed to be wrapped up; the final one is a reflection of this week’s feelings.

Weekly Journal Square #33 (October 4-10). Influences: shopping with mom for clothes for my vacation. The crazy-quilt class I’m taking. Feeling good, having more energy and less pain, but feeling too anxious and distracted to sleep well.


Weekly Journal Square #35 (October 18-24). Influences: Back from vacation. Everything is disorganized and the house is a mess. I want to create but I'm too tired. I'm happy that I made it through a week of vacation and still feel ok; it almost restores my faith that I will feel completely healthy one day.


Weekly Journal Square #37 (this week). Influences: Back to work after 17 months. Comfort in the ordered days, but anxiety and fear underneath. I’m determined to stay serene and calm, though.


I need to backtrack and create week 34’s square, when I was on vacation; it will feature parrotfish, which I’m now enamored with. I also need to finish last week’s square, and then I’ll be all caught up again.

I particularly appreciate these squares now that I’m back at work and my time will be much more limited, since they ensure that I create at least ONE thing every week!


Judy Alexander said...

Your weekly square project is really amazing and good for you for keeping up! It will be so much fun to look at these when you have them all finished.

Marfa Stewart? said...

These are beautiful! I can't wait to look through all of the creative things you've done.