Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Remember a couple of months ago when I spent 3 days cleaning and organizing my craft room? It’s been a real pleasure being able to walk in and work whenever the mood struck, without having to clean up first. So this morning I got up extra early, intending to paint some fabric.

As a reminder, here’s a pic I took a couple of months ago:


See those two shelves above my work table? Here they are this morning:


Wait, where are they? OH! There they are! On the freaking floor!


When I walked in and saw this, the first thing my befuddled brain thought was, “I’ve been robbed!” Then I realized that, as valuable as all my “stuff” is, that’s probably not what happened.

Earthquake? I wondered; but no, it’s pretty rare to experience one of those here in Central Texas. I guess that the wall anchors just finally gave out after 5 years of holding up tons of books, equipment, and supplies.


Once I started digging through the mess, I realized that, fortunately, there were very few casualties; a plastic container holding my markers:


and the latch on a case:


And some debris (vermiculite from a crock pot that was sitting on the top shelf):


But all in all, it could have been much worse.

Needless to say, I didn’t get any fabric painted.


norma said...

That's too bad. Luckily nothing was broken and no one was hurt. Imagine if you had been sitting at your desk. Yikes. I hope you fine a better storage solution. Good luck!

Gina said...

Oh no! I would have thought that after five years they are solid! Lucky your furbabies weren't sleeping nearby!

Chris said...

Oh No! I'm glad you didn't have too much damage.

Char said...

Hi, came across your blog via quiltart and thought I'd mention that these kind of supports are very good for staying put because you can anchor them to a stud in several places. Kind of ugly but you can get ones that are paintable and still use your shelves with them. You might want to try that when you get your shelves back up.

I can attest to them since I have several bookshelves double stacked with floor to ceiling heavy books (which can be seen here)that are anchored to the wall with those--they've never pulled out in nearly 20 years.

Holly Knott said...

The same thing happened to me last year. I was so glad none of my cats were injured! My studio is in an ancient portion of the house, and the closet along what used to be an exterior wall, so finding a stud is impossible. What we did to fix it was to run vertical strips of wood where we *knew* there was a stud (they weren't every 16"), and then we were able to anchor the shelf brackets to the wood strips!

Robin said...

I had to laugh at your thought of being robbed :) I am protective of my stuff and my husband thinks that is insane because who would want it??
Glad you weren't hurt and sorry you had to REclean.

marfa stewart said...

It's Balcones' Fault!

Dotti said...

As if we didn't have enough to do...I'm surprised all that noise didn't wake you up!

Fannie said...

Hope all is back in place and you're back in the studio creating. Sorry for the damage, but glad you weren't robbed and that you're all right. Have a great weekend. Had time to paint fabric? ;-D