Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekly Journal Squares & A Quilt Top

A couple of new 6x6" weekly journal squares; the first is a catch-up from the week we were in Florida for vacation. I created a fish appliqué from hand-dyed fabric and metallic and rayon threads, then sewed it onto a background of commercial fabric enhanced with Dynaflow paints and FMQed with circles:


Next is this week’s journal square. Influences: trying to achieve balance between work and home activities, and my aspiration to remain calm and Zen-like regardless of what my back-to-work experience entailed; beautiful sunny and cool days, and that sense that this might be the final breath of fall before winter sets in (sure enough, the weather has now turned gray and overcast, and we have a cold front coming in); and most importantly, reconnecting with my long-time friend Karla, who years ago introduced me to ceramics (the cup-like vase is in honor of you, Karla!):


The flower is white-on-white fabric painted with Tsukineko inks and appliquéd onto the background; the vase is appliquéd over that. I added some free-motion zigzag stitching around the flower, to create the stem, and around the vase, then some FM straight-stitching on the vase. Then I used some fabric markers to add some varied colors to the vase.

I thought I was caught up with the weekly journal squares, but when I was looking at my log I realized I missed one a couple of weeks ago. I still have my notes from that week, so I'll have to catch up as soon as I have a chance.

The craft room “rebuilding” is going slowly; my formerly-clean worktable is now a wreck, since I had to have a place for most of what was on the shelves (except for the books, which I moved permanently to the bookcases in the living room):


My sweetie did a great job of removing the shelf brackets, repairing the sheet rock, and adding new texture:



and then painting (how awesome is it that we still had the original paint for this room, and that it was still GOOD after 8 years?):


Fortunately, my sewing room is still intact, so I’ve almost finished another quilt top. Once I add the borders, this one will be queen-sized, and will go on our bed:


I’m having a hard time getting the colors correct in the pics of this quilt top, so I’m including pics of the Amy Butler fabric I used:



Whew. I guess that’s enough blogging for now, especially since I justified sitting at the computer all this time by catching up on this week’s episode of “Wait Wait . . . Don’t Tell Me!” Now that it’s over, I’m off to find something else to do before my weekend is completely gone.


marfa stewart said...

I'm touched and honored. Love you, friend.

marfa stewart said...

I download all the Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me podcasts and listen to them on my nano. If you missed it, go to the archive of podcasts on their website and listen to Robert Earl Keen's interview the end of May when they broadcast from the Paramount.

Johnni Schell said...

Michele - This is the first time I have looked at your blog - your 6x6's are WONDERFUL! What a great way to journal your year - I like the stories behind your squares - I am curious to see how you put them together next Feb as they are all quilted and edges are finished. It will be beautiful - better than a diary!! Thank you for sharing, Johnni

JYA Fiberarts said...

Your small journal quilts are great. What a good way to keep the creativity flowing!

Deborah said...

love the fish