Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Full-Speed Ahead

The last several weeks have been quite challenging. First there was the week-long trip to Florida. Then, the realization that I only had two weeks left before I have to return to work (now down to less than a week—yikes!) from an 18-month medical leave (talk about scary; it’s like starting a new job!).

I have SO many projects I want to finish/start/work on before my time will once again be sucked up by my job. Plus, I’m still not completely recovered physically, so I’m trying to make sure I’m eating, resting, sleeping, and not pushing myself too hard (and with limited time and too many projects in the queue, that is REALLY difficult to do).

At any rate, I can check one item off the to-do list: this is my latest submission for the Fast Friday Fabric Challenge. I call it “After the Storm”:


You can read more about it on the Fast Friday blog.

Ok, now on to breakfast and another project . . . those minutes are ticking away!


Terri Stegmiller said...

Love this!

Dotti said...

These little fellows are just too cute! Nice job, TT!

BTW, are you still following desparate housewives?

Cathy said...

I love this little quilt! Gorgeous!
Sorry your 'vacation' from work is coming to an end, but hope your health is getting better each day.
Love your art dolls in a previous post, you should do more of those.

EdaMommy said...

I think it's absolutely fab! Thanks for sharing!

Jasmine said...

Great quilt. Good luck returning to work :)

Approachable Art said...

Oh my, those birds are completely adorable, I love this piece!!

Good luck heading back to work. :D