Friday, October 2, 2009

Felting Fun

Well, I’m having a blast with the “new” felting machine, and since I realized I needed to lower the foam so that the fabric wouldn’t drag, it works like a dream.

I posted a pic the other day of a piece of felt I had started playing with. I added a little stitching on the sewing machine and turned it into a journal, and here are the results:




Ok, it's not exactly a journal yet, since I need to sew the signatures in (which I intended to do tonight, but I got sucked into the web and so didn’t actually get ANYTHING productive done, and now it’s time to clean the kitchen and go to bed).

Last night I ran across my Quilting Arts magazine article index, so I had to drag out all the back issues and peruse the articles on felting. I’m looking forward to a lot more fun with the felting machine!

1 comment:

Melly Testa said...

i love the felting machines. Great journal wrap! I think I helped Benartex with the pink plaid, if I am not mistaken.