Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yesterday I started a little "practice" piece based on a technique that Larkin Van Horn talks about in this interview with Bonnie McCaffery.

I painted setacolors mixed with water onto a sheet of silk organza, then laid it over a piece of hand-dyed fabric. I added cotton batting and a piece of muslin for backing, then free-motion stitched like crazy. Unfortunately, I started with orange cotton thread and, 1/4 of the way through, ran out (doh!). I switched to variegated pink rayon thread, and actually liked that much better.

Once Larkin stitches a piece, she then beads it. I think I'll bead this, but first I may try adding a bit more color--maybe even a complimentary color for accent--with paints.

This was a GREAT exercise for practicing free-motion stitching. I'm not sure I needed to use my hand-dyed fabric for the base, since it doesn't really show that much; I think the color is the most important factor.


Alis said...

I love the colours and the stitching on this piece. It will look lovely with beading on it.

tiedyejudy said...

Yummy, Michele! And thanks for the tip on the book... I haven't actively painted in years, but recently took an on-line class that required acrylics... amazingly, my old ones from 20+ years ago still work!
Have fun, and take care of yourself.


Chriss Blagrave said...

Oh my! Your work is beautiful! I love this piece with the stitching. So much movement in it. You are truly gifted!