Monday, January 19, 2009

Journal Quilting

I'm taking an online class (Art Journal Quilting) at Quilt University, and this journal quilt is for Lesson 1.

Typically, I work intuitively and just put pieces together, without much thought as to the meaning of a piece or why I'm creating it. Then I wonder why my work doesn't feel meaningful to me. This class is great, though, because it starts out with exercises designed to make you think about the "why" of a piece as you design it.

Here's the description I included on the back of this journal quilt:

"This journal quilt represents an explosive and traumatic illness in 2008 that left me shattered physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The stitching in the quilt ties the fragments together and represents a hope that creating art can be therapeutic and bring the pieces of myself back together again."

This little (8-1/2" x 11") includes commercial and hand-dyed fabrics, reverse appliqué, acrylic paints, machine free-motion stitching with rayon & metallic threads, and Shiva Paintstiks

1 comment:

pelecypods said...

Beauutiful quilt. Some of my favorite colors.
Quilt University is a lot of fun.
I had a friend that told me about it several years ago.
I have only taken a few classes. It is lot better setting at home on my computer than having to drive to a class.