Sunday, January 25, 2009


I know the first thing you think of is the show. And yes, it's back on, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

But actually, I'm feeling lost because I'm temporarily camera-less. I take pics of everything, but this morning when I went to photograph the papers I've been painting the battery died. I went to get my nifty battery charger, but a piece of it is missing. I'm not sure how that happened since, for several years, I've always kept the pieces together in a case. At any rate, it's probably in my messy, messy office somewhere, and I could probably find it with a great deal of effort. Or, I could just go buy a new one. Hmmmm. . .

My darling partner suggested the battery might charge through the USB connection to the computer, so I have it plugged in right now to see if that works. In the meantime, I'm without pics and . . . lost!

Oh well, I think I've been spending too much time in front of the computer anyway. Maybe now I can actually get some things done :-)

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