Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekly Square #10

It’s a new week, so I’ve officially declared the zone-out period/mini-vacation/time-of-doing-nothing over. That didn’t stop me from taking a 2-hour nap this afternoon, but I assume my body needed the rest.

This morning I made last week’s 6x6” weekly square. This started with some fabric I screen printed, using a screen-drawing-fluid and screen-filler-fluid method (the color below isn’t quite correct due to the lighting conditions when I took the picture):


I painted the strange little alien-like plant with Dye-Na-Flow paints (again, the color is a little off in this pic, but correct in the last one):


Then I trimmed square, free-motion quilted it, and fused and free-motion stitched the binding to it:


Influences for this week’s square: the screen printing I’ve been doing; lots of new growth in nature, even with (or because of?) the gray, overcast, and rainy weather we’ve been having; and my mood, which has been sort of weird and funky this last week, but something I’ve accepted and lived with.


Alis said...

I love it. The colours are bright and sunny. I hope the sun really comes out for you soon.

linda stokes said...

Your square is lovely & colourful - reminds me a little of an Australian Banksia nut. They usually grow on trees but there is one type that grows low on the ground.