Saturday, May 2, 2009

Like Having My Own Store!

I love having gifts in reserve to just pull out and give to people when the time is right.

My niece’s baby shower is today, so I went to “my store” (my stash) and pulled out this baby blanket I crocheted a while back (in the appropriate University of Texas colors, of course):


I’m not attending, so I made a deal with my daughter: if she would come by and get my gift and take it with her, I’d provide her with a gift for the mom-to-be. I had these onesies already dyed; two in a reasonable facsimile of burnt orange, and one tie-dyed version:



I hoped to discharge little longhorn logos on the burnt orange onesies, but since I’m not doing anything this week (see post below), that didn’t happen.

I love having my own “store!” Of course, now I’ll have to replenish the stock for the next baby that comes along—and in my huge family, I can guarantee that won’t be long.

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