Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's On My Design Wall

Katy on the Quiltart list asked what was on our design walls. My first thought was, "which one?"

So far, people have shown clean and neat design boards with one lovely WIP hanging on them.

I, otoh, am embarrassed to admit that

1) I use my design walls (3 of them) as catch-alls for WIPs, small finished pieces that I don't know what to do with, pieces of fabric I want to do something with (someday), and assorted other bits and pieces. It makes it hard to actually design anything on them. And

2) I have a bajillion projects going on at any one time, because I never know what I might want to work on (and because, I'll admit it, I'm much better at starting projects than finishing them).

My primary design wall, in my sewing studio, has so much stuff on it that I've taken to pinning pieces on top of other pieces.

I guess it's time to finish some of these, put some pieces away (or hang them throughout the house, or give them away), and generally clean up.


pcoxdesign said...

That's some pretty cool works in progress! I don't have a design wall. I have my current piece hanging on the curtains in my family room and another piece attached to the back of my couch if that makes you feel better!

Heather P said...

Your design walls look great to me! They are full of inspiration!

ann said...

Hi Michele,
Your design wall is soo much neater than mine. I have layers and layers of started pieces plus fabric I will use 'later'. So it is similar to yours. Everytime I really want to look at something. I take all of the stuff off one board, and pin it on the other. Therefore the layers on layers on layers. I do try to leave corners or bits exposed so that I know what might be there. I don't see anything wrong with this approach for my limited space. If I had more room, I'd have more design boards.

MargaretR said...

I love your design wall Michele. My walls look very similar with bits and bobs of inspiration, WIP's and things I'm not sure what to use them for.

morningDove said...

is that an Esterita Austin project on front? i have one of those UFOs.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

Hi Michele!
It is so nice to meet you. I am in Sue B.'s Alumni yahoo group too and found you through your nice post.

i love your design walls! How inspiring your enrgy and creativity is!

:) melissa

Cathy Mendola said...

Love your design WALLS! It sounds like you have a studio like mine in that there's alot of covered walls.
Mine are mostly finished pieces but the one wall I DID designate as a 'design' wall ended up being a catchall for bits and pieces of things I didn't want to lose or pieces of inspiration from others.
Thanks for sharing yours!

TextileTraveler said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone! It's been fun seeing what people have on their design walls, as well.

Fannie said...

Hi, TT! I agree with Heather. Your design wall looks great. I can relate to pinning stuff onto other stuff . . . ;-D

In addition to my design wall, I'm afraid I also have many design piles . . . but I do know where everything is. Hah!

Thanks for sharing.

Traci said...

Michele, I love you DESIGN WALL!! so cool. I love to see the process that artist's go through to create their work. you go!!thanks for sharing!

Great inspiration!!