Saturday, March 7, 2009

ATC Frenzy

I've been making lots of ATCs the last couple of days, partly because I needed to get some out for two swaps, and partly because I've discovered that making ATCs is a great way to use my "experiment" paper and fabric--you know, those pieces you make to try out some wonderful new technique, but that you never make large enough (at least I don't) to actually use in a project.

These ATCs are for a yahoo group swap; I used the fabric I made a couple of weeks ago from scraps.

The others came about because I wanted to try out my new Tsukineko inks. I stamped geckos onto fabric, then used the inks and Fabrico markers to color them. Then I very lightly spritzed the fabric with water, and dripped some transparent fabric paint around the geckos (the paint ran since the fabric was wet, but didn't really affect the ink-painted geckos).

I cut the fabric up into ATCs, and used three of them for another yahoo group swap. These had to be embellished, so I added lots of beads and some french knots with embroidery thread; and, they had to have a fabric back, which I'm not crazy about. I like the stiffness that cardstock or watercolor paper gives to a card, so the others are backed with cardstock. They're all sandwiched around craft felt, because I've really been obsessed with using that lately instead of batting for small projects.

So . . . now I have 9 gecko ATCs available, if anyone wants to trade. Leave me a comment with a way to get in touch with you, or email me (see the "email" link on my Profile over to the right). Feel free to specify which ATC you would like (Row 1, Column 3 for example), but I can't promise you'll get the one you ask for if someone else requests it first. Here are the available ATCs:



BarelyKnitTogether said...

I would LOVE one of these! My favorite is the first column, third row blue one. Otherwise, you can just pick for me :) I'm not sure I can send anything this unique, but I'll give it a go. Tweet me with a direct message and we'll exchange info. Thanks!

Sequana said...

I just saw your post in the Faces class. I'd love to trade for the 2nd one in the top row.

I'll send you my info in a little bit. Thx......*S*

Wil Opio Oguta said...

I would love to swap with you. No preference for any specific atc :-), they are all lovely

Judy said...

great geckos! Yup, those ATC's are a great way to work out a technique!

love what you are doing!


Alis said...

Oh I love gecko's. I would love to trade with you.
If possible my favourite is the purple one but I love all of them.
Now what shall I do for you......

Cathy Mendola aka pinkbirdgirl said...

Love the ATC's. Your work is amazing and I love that you always give tutorials! How generous of you to share. I received an award today for my blog and am supposed to pass it along to 8 others. I love to see your new work as well as read your blog so I would like to give you an award.
You can go to my blog to copy it and also the text that came with it.
Thanks for being my new blog-friend!

TextileTraveler said...

BKT, Sequana, and Alis, I'm sending yours out tomorrow. Wil, I sent you email and will send yours when I have an address. Enjoy!

Judy, thanks for the comment; you're always so supportive!

Judy Alexander said...

I would love a gecko! These are really fun. I will make you something tomorrow.

Judy Alexander said...

I just posted a picture of the ATC I made for you today on my blog. Will send tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I really love the way the first group of ATC's came out. They look very "steampunkish".

And the gecko ATC's make me want to try my hand at atc making.. =x

-- grobot // robotlove

Judy Alexander said...

Got my gecko today. I am so glad I let you pick. I almost never choose or use red. This is really a great ATC. Thanks!