Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Journal

Here's the latest journal I've completed for Sue's class.

It's actually a sketchbook, complete with pockets for pencils and other cool stuff and drawing paper.

The first page is a piece of cardstock that I printed from some scans I made a while back. I had carved a sunflower stamp and printed the image with acrylics, then painted over that with watercolors. I scan or copy just about everything I do these days because I've discovered I can reuse this stuff forever. Then I used drawing paper for the other pages, and finished with a piece of fairly lightweight cardboard to give it some stability for drawing.

I'm almost finished with the next journal. I ran across some silk I had quilted a while back and it was perfect for a journal cover. I LOVE this class because it's fun, but also because I'm using up some of the fabric, papers, embellishments, etc. that have been languishing in my craft room for forever.


Heather P said...

Michele, it is gorgeous! I love your use of fabrics -- and the scans are such a good idea. Wish I'd thought of it sooner!

StegArt said...

Love your journal. The fabrics and colors and that printed page right in front....perfect!

Sandy said...

Your journal really turned out nicely. Isn't it a great class? Thanks for visiting my blog too.

Michele Matucheski said...

Hey, Michele with 1-L,
Another nice journal! Are those buttons on the front flap? You could make 'em pop with a circle of black felt underneath that's just an 1/8-inch or so bigger than the circles. But maybe you wanted it to be more subtle? Either way--nice journal.

Scanning stuff is a GREAT idea. It'd be a good preservation thing, too. I've got some block prints I did in the 80s on regular typing paper--the print still looks okay, but the paper is burning up, turning vinegar brown--must be the acid in the paper. Scanning it could extend it's life, though. Thanks for the idea!

Liz said...

Michele, I love this - it is so bright and cheery! And what a brilliant idea scanning and printing the cardstock images - I love that page.

Deb said...

Michele, this is very cool! I love the front page. Wow! I'm loving the class, too.