Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun with Paint

I had some leftover paint that i needed to use up, so I created these monoprints on fabric:

I was also inspired by an episode of Design Matters TV to roll a very thin layer of paint onto a prestitched quilt sample piece (yes, this piece is truly ugly, but I’m only showing it here for the technique!). I added some highlights with Tsukineko inks. I think I’ll try this technique again with something more carefully stitched.


And, on a different note, I’m practicing pen & ink stippling:


I’ve been trying to either finish some old UFOs and WIPs, or to reuse them in new projects. I’ve been working hard to “let go” of supplies, old projects, and things that just aren’t working. Even after just a little of this, I’m already feeling “lighter,” so I think I’ll keep it up!

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