Friday, June 18, 2010

So Long, Arkansas!

Our vacation is almost over, and we’re driving home tomorrow. I’m already thinking about “home” things and making mental to-do lists and losing the peaceful feeling that has settled over me. So before that feeling is gone completely, I’ll share some of our vacation memories from the past week.
The little cabin that we stayed at in Eureka Springs was charming and cozy:
cabin bedroom
We had a lovely view of the lake, both from the cabin and during our walks:
view from cabin
We met a sweet cat named Luke who walked with us, and posed for pictures:
We grilled steaks and fresh vegetables we bought at the farmer’s market; our little dog Maxine was particularly thrilled about the leftovers:
max and bone
I was surprised by the number of interesting wildflowers we encountered; in Texas, our wildflowers are mostly weeds. I have no idea what these are, except for the coneflower, which I only know because I’ve seen one in a quilt:
I may be over the limit in pictures for one post, so I’ll continue them in the next post.

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Michigoose said...

Top: common daylily, an escapee from gardens which have been naturalized.

2nd flower: Sweet pea: another non-native which was common in colonial gardens and has now become a welcome escapee.

coneflower you got...the next one is a rudebekia or a marsh sunflower....not the same species, but I can't see enough of it to make an identification.

next, hydrangea. :) Yum. Flowers.