Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back on the Path

I finally got the craft room cleaned and organized and actually have spaces to work!

What I'm working on this week:

My January journal quilt, JUST in the nick of time! This was a lot of fun, since I got to practice beading and embroidery, which I'm terrible at, and used fun things like Shiva Painstiks on the trees.

Fabric dyeing: I forgot to take a pic of the last batch of rainbow fabric I dyed. Now I'll have to see if I can separate it back out since I've already put it away!

Fabric painting with dye: The piece to the left was painted with thin dyes and then discharged with SoftScrub with Bleach through a stencil. I'm going to think about what what the next layer will be for a while before I do anything else with it.

Fabric resist/bleaching: I've been messing with the piece on the right forever. I dyed it turquoise, but didn't like the color, so I added some green. I still didn't like it, so I overdyed it with rust. Then I stenciled on Inkodye resist (and made sea grass with fork tines), let that dry, then rolled SS w/bleach over the whole piece. I finally like it! I think I'll add a little color to the fish next.

The pieces below were painted with thick fabric dyes on dry fabric. I've never painted with dye before, and this was a lot of fun! Though I did have a moment of panic when my dye & print paste mix appeared to be drying out just minutes after I started applying it. I ended up spritzing the fabric with water and worried that it would dilute the dyes, but they seemed to do just fine.

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henmen said...

you have some really nice work here.