Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Journals

I have been working SO hard to get ahead on the items for my Etsy shop that I haven’t had time to do any “fun” artsy stuff for myself. I think tomorrow is the day I’ll “play”--oh, who am I kidding, it’s all play :-).
Here are a few of the journals I’ve created to put in the shop:



The last one is actually a sketchbook that my son and I collaborated on. I created the spray-painted background, and my son “graffiti-ed” the fabric.
Ok, back to work!


sweetypie said...

ooh, very nice, I like thos A LOT!

Michele/TextileTraveler said...

Thank you!

Joy V said...

I love the graffitied one. You will have to get him to do more.