Friday, August 12, 2011

Roses (Not) on My Table

A while back there was a discussion on the Quiltart list about using scraps to make quilts. I’m a compulsive scrap saver, and sometimes when I’m too nervous to cut into that gorgeous fabric I bought, or when I’m not really sure what kind of quilt I want to make, it’s easier for me to start playing around with stitching scraps together.
These blocks were made in crazy-quilt fashion. I initially moved right from the red & pink of the roses into the green, but the flowers looked too blocky. I ended up stitching another layer of pink or red to the edge of each flower, then flipping it open, trimming it into a curvy shape, and stitching down the edges. I like the softer, curvy edge of the flowers better than the original “crazy-quilt” block.


I quilted each block as I went, then put them together using Fiona’s Quilt as You Go (QAYG) tutorial. I love putting quilts together this way, because I don’t have to wrestle a large one under the needle of my small machine, but I’m still having some problems with the stitching. My walking foot a,nd feed dogs don’t really “grip” the multiple layers of fabric well and move them through the machine at an even rate, so any of the stitching that shows can look very uneven. I had a lot of this bad stitching showing on the back, and unfortunately it was white thread against a pink background, so I ended up painting the thread to match the fabric. You can still see the stitching, but you have to look more closely now :-)


Not bad for a bunch of scraps, dont’cha think?


Bobbi said...

Terrific! Love it.

Janice PD said...

Love it! The random sizes of the roses really makes a difference.

Jamie Fingal said...

What a very beautiful and stunning quilt you have created. Love the colors. Wow!

pcoxdesign said...

That is beautiful!

Ebony said...

Just gorgeous!

TextileTraveler said...

Thank you! You are all so kind.

Janice, I wanted the varying sizes of roses so that they would look more natural, but now that I look at it, I wish I had added one or two more small ones in those blocks, especially the one in the lower right corner (so that it looked like a small cluster). Hmmm . . . I may have to make another one!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, Michele. Love the variety of colors and sizes. You have a very lucky friend!

Quiltart list reader

Dolores said...

Beautiful scraps. If you use a print backing your stitches would not show as much. Amazing what you can do just with scraps.