Friday, January 7, 2011

Where Did The Week Go?

Wow. It has been a BUSY week, and one that has flown by much too quickly.

Only one sketch to show you, from Wednesday. Yesterday I was busy working on a wall quilt (finally! More about that below) and on my Silly Sketch for Carla Sonheim's "Silly the Third" sketch class (which I'll post at a later date).

On Wednesday, I decided that I would sketch my beloved pooch, Maxine (based on the Sketchbook Challenge prompt, "Highly Prized"). She doesn't usually look this angry, but she occasionally gets quite miffed, so it's a fair representation of her, I think:

My other project this week has been a Fast Friday Fabric Challenge piece. This month's challenge was all about "color fields," which was both fascinating and frustrating. Here's the piece I came up with:

I call this "Border Crossings." Take a look at the FFFC blog for more information about this piece or about color fields, or to see other challenge pieces.

I hope you'll take a minute to leave a comment, and I hope you had a great week!


Gina said...

'Border Crossings' is wonderful and you did a fantastic job of sketching Maxine!

sweetypie said...

good work well done, looks like we are all joining in on this one,from tina

Julie said...

Whether you've interpreted colour field correctly or not this piece works really well and your interchanged areas of flat colour make the circles look as if they are floating. I had a quick look at the FFFC blog but I daren't stay too long, I can't afford to get drawn in to another challenge ;-)