Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whine . . . Without the Cheese

I’ve fallen into a creative slump, and I can’t get up.

Did my surgeon accidentally remove my creativity, along with my drive? It feels that way. I was patient for a while, but now I’m getting frustrated.

I know all the tips for getting started: look through my inspiration notebook. Look through my visual journals. Get my hands on something and just START. Go over that list of projects I’ve been wanting to do forever and pick something. Anything. Take one tiny step forward . . .

I’ve tried all these, and nothing works. I head into my studio with the intention of working on something, but the effort to get the supplies out just seems overwhelming, so I turn around and head back out again.

It’s not that I’m not doing SOMETHING. I made this “watermelon” quilt from a pattern in a magazine, machine-pieced and machine-quilted:


I’m hand- and machine-quilting the “tattoo” quilt top I finished forever ago:


And today I’m mailing off this fabric ATC for a swap:


That was all the creativity I had in me—2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches worth. I even signed up for a QU class, a really good one on design; for the first time ever, though, I didn’t participate at all in the class, and I feel guilty about the wasted opportunity.

I don’t know if I’m physically or mentally exhausted. Or still recovering from the surgery. Or just plain depressed.

Maybe it’s because I quit smoking several weeks ago, and I’m still in mourning for my 30-yr. long friend, the cigarette, as nasty and evil as he was. Or maybe I’m feeling deprived because I’m on a healthy-eating kick, trying to both feel better and lose some of the weight I put back on after my long illness.

I barely have the energy to whine, but I’ve managed to do a fair job of that in this post. No cheese, though—too many calories.

Anyone have any calorie-free chocolate?


Dotti said...

Quitting smoking may be a factor. I quit back in 1998 and never looked back, but I did go thru a creativity void for awhile. I think you had a double whammy. I hear from my friends that the general anesthesia has had lingering odd effects on them.


Michigoose said...

surgery and the drugs and the experience and being in a hospital at all always depresses me and throws me a loop...and I HAVEN'T given up smoking!

Come up north for a visit and we'll get you rolling again! ;)

Wendy Coyne said...

When I feel that way, I have a grand clean up. Take everything out of one cupboard, sort it, clean it and put the stuff back. Then do a drawer. Eventually you will get a spark and you will know where the stuff you need is. If this doesn't work, I play with my buttons :)

sweetypie said...

hiya! love the video your a genius if you want to send your address to my blog I wont publish it but I will post you an atc with some special english mojo in it to get you going come on girl, buck up!