Saturday, December 22, 2007

Brief Excursions

Every once in a while I buy a canvas for no particular reason. Then, of course, I spy it in my craft room, feel guilty about not using it, and decide to slap some paint or collage elements onto it.

A few months ago I did that with these two (very small!) pieces, and then played with them over the next few weeks, occasionally adding another layer of paint, glaze, or texture. I like the way they turned out; my DP insists that I buy a large canvas and do one that's big enough to see :-)

She stained the frames, btw, which turned out beautifully. She uses some sort of touch-up spray typically used for wood cabinets.

A closer view of the painting on the right side:


Quilt Pixie said...

they really are lovely... what size are they?

Michele said...

Thank you, qp! The canvases are 5x7", so with the frame each one is 8x10".